Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stockard Channing Stars in London Production of "The Exonerated"

The Telegraph reports that "Stockard Channing played [Sunny Jacobs] most movingly..."

lisapisa posted earlier about an appearance by Stockard Channing on Britain's Richard and Judy show:
"On the Breakfast Interview they just said that a lot people wished she was the real first lady and Stockard [Channing] said that getting recognised as the first lady was nicer than being recognised as the world's oldest teenager". They jokingly offered her tickets for the Grease Stage show. It was mainly about the play.

On Richard and Judy they started the interview by showing a clip of Grease, I think Stockard [Channing] was cringing. Richard said he thought she looked good and couldn't believe how old she was when she played Rizzo.

They said that Out of Practice will be shown in the UK on C5 from June and showed a clip.

They talked a bit more about the West Wing, Stockard [Channing] told the story of meeting Martin [Sheen] for the first time. Richard said he felt a bit intimidated by Stockard [Channing] cos he saw her as the first lady, she laughed this off.

They also went into quite a lot of detail about The Exonnerated and Stockard [Channing]talked about lethal injections in California. That's about all I can remember, she looked great in a black jacket and skirt."

lisapisa posted at Television Without Pity:
"I went to see Stockard in The Exonnerated last night and it was great. It was in a theatre that was off, off the West End, a real edgy artsy place that leant itself really well to the play. It was pretty intimate too and Stockard [Channing] was right in front of me, I had a really good view. For a start I couldn't believe quite how petite she is, I knew she was small but not that small. She was so un-hollywood and normal looking really, she looked more like a bit of a hippy teacher, and I like her all the more for that. The whole cast were superb and the play is so powerful. Even more so because there are no costumes or scenery. Stockard [Channing] was fantastic, she played the character so well that you forgot it was her. I feel honoured to have seen her in such an intimate setting and giving such a wonderful performance. If ever you hear of one of her stage performances near you go and see it."

stuzer posted at Television Without Pity:
"Stockard Channning was... on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2. If you've missed it, there is a "listen again" feature on the Radio 2 website. If you don't want to listen to the whole show, or try and find the interview by skipping through, usually interviews are put up on the Steve Wright mini-site a few days after they've been aired."

From Reuters:
"Her part in the play, which is told in the words of the death row innocents, has previously been played by actresses Susan Sarandon and Mia Farrow among others.

In London she is portrayed by Stockard Channing, who admitted it was an odd experience being watched by someone whose character she is playing but whom she had never met.

"It has to come from the heart. But it was nice when she accused me of being too much like her," Channing said standing next to the diminutive Jacobs after the performance on Friday that received a standing ovation."

From The Guardian :
"As Charlotte in Sex and the City, the toughest it got for Kristin Davis was a spilt cocktail. But the actress is confronting some rather more serious emotions in her latest role. Alongside Stockard Channing and Danny Glover, Davis will star in the UK production of The Exonerated.

Based on interviews with 40 former death row prisoners, the play explores the experiences of those wrongfully imprisoned.

It has been a hit during a nine-month run off-Broadway, starring the likes of Robin Williams, Mia Farrow and Brooke Shields. The production opens at the Riverside Studios, London, on 21 February."

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