Saturday, March 11, 2006

Promo For Next "West Wing" Episode, Major Spoiler!

NBC is airing a new promo for Sunday's episode. You can watch a WindowsMedia Version here. This clip includes a Major Spoiler.

Evelyn posted at the J/D Talk Yahoo Group:
"In this week's print edition of TV Guide, there is a two-page photo
spread on "The Cold," but just the Oval Office scenes. There is a
clapboard with the names: Alex Graves!! and Walt Fraser, who I think
is a cinematographer."

Major Spoiler Alert

t he moment, the clips from the upcoming episode have been taken down from and from the second posting source due to disobeying of the poster's wishes. However, the the Yahoo Group (which requires registration) is still open and it is still possible to contact the poster.

For private viewing, the clips may still be available in your temporary internet files.
For for those were still able to watch the original clips and would like to save them , and if you have Internet Explorer: find your temporary internet files and see if you have a file that starts with get_video . To be safe, copy that file, then right-click on change name and give it an .flv extension. Then go here and download this program, then you should be able to watch the clip in that!

Please do not post these links or the clips anywhere else or the poster will take down the clips again!

This is the most likely source of the above clips. This is a link to a completed eBay auction. It is possible that another similar eBay auction could take place in the near future.

There is also more of a recap of the next episode at the Josh/Donna Talk Group with a follow-up here and more to follow. Please do not reprint those spoilers anywhere publicly.

This blog is not responsible for the privacy practices, activities, or content of this independent sites This link should not be construed as an endorsement by this blog of the content or views of the linked materials. The materials on this independent are the opinion of the specified author(s) and are not statements of advice, opinion, support or information of this blog.

The moderator of the Josh/Donna Yahoo Group has had a chance to see a version of the next episode and has posted a description of the teaser here, with follow-ups here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. There is also one post at Television Without Pity. You may discuss the spoilers anywere, but it is asked that they are not reprinted publicly.

NBC has aired a promo for the next episode that includes a major spoiler.

Here is Windows Media File version of the promo.

Here is a .mov version of the promo (that poster asks that the clip be downloaded and not played from the website if possible).

Here is slow-motion Windows Media Version of a certain scene in the promo.

Here are screencaps of certain spoilerish scenes.

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