Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jon Bon Jovi on "West Wing"

NBC has also posted more photos of Jon Bon Jovi, Josh, Matt Santos and Louise Thornton.

At, there is a clip from "Extra" reporting on Jon Bon Jovi's appearance, including shots of Josh, Matt Santos, and Donna in the background.


From the Edmonton Sun:
"- Jon Bon Jovi, whose acting credits include Moonlight and Valentino and Ally McBeal, won't have to stretch much for his latest acting role on The West Wing.

"I'm actually playing me," Bon Jovi told Sun Media en route to show's L.A. set. "Much like the (U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Al) Gore campaign (of 2000) and the (Democratic presidential candidate John) Kerry campaign (of 2004) where I was very involved, they brought me in here to play me and draw a big crowd to the rallies and get involved with the (Democratic presidential candidate Matt) Santos character (played by Jimmy Smits). They came to me. Several of the people in the writing staff are were former Gore and Kerry supporters or speechwriters."

The one episode starring Bon Jovi will air March. 26.

Bon Jovi acknowledged the recent death of actor John Spencer, who played Santos's running mate Leo McGarry, a month ago, had sidelined the series major plot line

"They're in a tizzy for sure. I'm, in fact, such a fan of the show, I had all the questions to ask. You know, you really do think the guys are on a political campaign because it's like my favourite show. I'm a West Wing groupie. I got my camera out. I got a copy of the script in an envelope to take home."

Still, he refused to answer how the show might be dealing with Spencer's passing.

"Oh, I don't know. Today is my first day. I can't comment on or answer that."

Bon Jovi was spending this past week shooting his West Wing episode before resuming his band's Have a Nice Day tour, last night in Oklahoma City.

"I love acting, my life is just booked solid, it was just to keep my feet wet," he explains. "An opportunity like this arises on what happens to be one of my few favourite TV shows, I said, 'OK, a week. No big deal.' It just couldn't have been better, timing-wise." "

From Variety:
"Jon Bon Jovi has begun filming a guest shot for an upcoming episode of "The West Wing."Rocker and sometime thesp will play himself on the seg, throwing his support behind the fictional campaign of Sen. Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits). He'll perform part of his song "Welcome to Wherever You Are" on the episode, set to air March 26 on NBC.

Seg has echoes of previous real-life presidential campaigns. Another New Jersey rocker, Bruce Springsteen, was vocal in his support of Sen. John Kerry during the 2004 election.

While Bon Jovi will be playing himself on "West Wing," he's also had several TV and feature turns in fictional roles, including in the recent horror pic "Cry Wolf."

From Fox News:
"Rocker Jon Bon Jovi filmed the first of two episodes of "The West Wing" last night here in Santa Monica. In the script, I’m told he plays himself, coming in to do some last-minute campaigning for one of the presidential candidates.

Bon Jovi, who’s a rabid "West Wing" fan, has real-life experience with this: he pitched in at the 11th hour for both Al Gore and John Kerry…"

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