Monday, March 20, 2006

Comments on "West Wing" Episode 14 "Two Weeks Out"

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Lengthy recap from LTG at Television Without Pity

Comment from "TV Squad".

From TV Guide.

From the Jerusalem Post (on the Israeli campaign of Ehud Olmert):
"Coincidentally, that slickest of US TV political dramas, The West Wing, is also now heading into the final days of its (fictional) election campaign. And the episode broadcast in the US last week featured an exchange of particular relevance for the Olmert campaign headquarters.

Bruno Gianelli (played by actor Ron Silver), the brains behind the Republican presidential campaign, held a pivotal conversation with his candidate, Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda) in which he asserted that the key to election success lies in heeding, rather than spinning and steering, the voters.

"I do respect the voters. That's why I win," says Gianelli. "I find out what they care about. I don't try to tell them what to care about."

Snipes Vinick: "Not exactly my idea of leadership."

Retorts Gianelli: "Yeah, well it's my idea of democracy. The voters get to set the terms of the election, not us. They get to decide what's important, not us."

Which begs the question: Has Olmert been trying to steer us to his way of thinking, or has he rightly gauged the mood of the electorate and tapped into it, Bruno Gianelli-style?"

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