Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Comments and Recaps of "West Wing" Episode "The Cold"

Lengthy recap and commentary from LTG at Television Without Pity

Recap from TV Squad.
Recap from TV Guide.
From Zap2It's TV Gal:
"Donna and Josh Kiss on "The West Wing": Um, we have been wanting this forever (that's forever ever) and then you wait until I'm gone, when I can't talk to my people about it, to have these star-crossed lovers finally lock lips. Oh, cruel, cruel TV, how you mock me. So the kiss really was most excellent. And even more excellent was Donna slipping Josh her room key -- because, that's right, it's so not inappropriate for these two to get together. Such good times that I almost can't even discuss it. But then what does "The West Wing" do? They don't even show Donna on the next episode. Oh, how you mock me. You giveth and then you snatcheth away. There are a million questions swirling around in my head (starting with, why does it look like they took a curling iron to Ron Silver's hair?) But we all know what has to happen before the series ends its run. I'm waiting patiently for my wedding invitation."
Matt Roush - TV Guide
Roger Catlin at the Hartford Courant
Broadcasting & Cable Short Comment
Email Campaign to KJRH in Tulsa to reair preempted TV programs

From a Star Telegram article on Youtube:
"Casual YouTube visitors may initially find it difficult to find much meaningful content on YouTube. If you just browse around aimlessly -- even in the site's Most Viewed clips -- you might get the idea that perhaps it's nothing more than a vast landfill of randomness, loserdom and the occasional foray into amateur porn. After watching a couple of guys do the robot, a high school boy imitate his mother reading his report card, and some kid do finger breakdancing for a very looong 55 seconds, you have to wonder: Is this all there is?

Unfortunately for your workplace productivity, that answer would be a big "No."

The key is to know what you're looking for. Are you a West Wing fan who missed the scene a few episodes ago where Josh and Donna finally locked lips? Go to the search field, type in "west wing josh donna," and the scene pops up. Of course, you won't be able to find everything you're looking for, but the range of stuff available is nothing short of mind-boggling."

Discuss the episode at Telvision Without Pity, in the Josh and Donna thread, at the Josh/Donna Talk Group.

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Recap of Last Episode

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