Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"West Wing" Shout-Outs

From Entertainment Weekly:
" The answer came when Bellisario saw Harmon's Emmy-nominated 2002 arc as Agent Simon Donovan on The West Wing. ''What I saw was a very controlled presence, a quiet strength,'' says Bellisario. "

See Season 3's Posse Comitatus

From the Conta Costa Times:
"Also in 2003 and 2004, the Red Cross paid a Beverly Hills firm $113,900 to promote its name to writers and producers for television and film to get the charity included in story lines.

Red Cross spokeswoman Carrie Martin said the contract has resulted in such successes as Red Cross first-aid kits included in the MTV reality show "The Real World" and Red Cross emergency vehicles used in an episode of the TV drama "The West Wing."

see Season 5's Disaster Relief

From an article in the Houston Chronicle:
"Have parents stopped giving boys initial names? I don't often hear them now, but when I do, it's usually a girl that's answering.

Like C.J., the tall woman playing the president's chief of staff on West Wing. Wouldn't surprise me if the popularity of that show led to initial names for lots of girls."

From a press release of the New England Council:
"New York Governor George Pataki was elected to his current office in November 1994 and has since been re-elected twice. He is currently the longest serving Governor in the United States.

Since its inception in 1996, "Politics & Eggs" has hosted nearly every major party presidential candidate, fast becoming a "must-stop" on the presidential campaign trail. In fact, the NBC television show "The West Wing" featured "Politics & Eggs" on an episode and even had candidates signing wooden eggs. "Politics & Eggs" operates as a partnership between The New England Council and the New Hampshire Political Library and relies on the generosity of sponsors to offer this program at no cost to our guests.

See 6th season episode Freedonia.

From Townonline.com:
"In an episode of the TV series "The West Wing," the president and his advisers fly to Los Angeles to schmooze the liberal Hollywood establishment. Each was taken aside and offered a high-level studio position in "development." Later, when they compared notes, they had one question. What the heck was development?
Kathleen Held knows. As director of development for Somerville-based Powderhouse Productions, Inc. she develops ideas and packages them for sale to television outlets such as Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and Public Broadcasting Service."

See 1st season episode "20 House in L.A."

From the Detroit Free Press's "5 Things About Elmo":

Elmo has hung out with Tony Danza, Emeril Lagasse, Maya Angelou, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Homer Simpson, Martha Stewart and three very important politicians: First lady Abbey Bartlet on "The West Wing," Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm."

See 5th seasone episode "Eppur Si Muove"

From Business Week:
""The M-word was not considered a good thing," says Tom Peterson, vice-president for marketing at Heifer International, an anti-poverty group that lets you send animals to the needy via catalog. It recently landed an appearance for one of its goats on NBC's The West Wing. Says Peterson: "It was as if we were losing our soul.""

See 4th season episode "Guns Not Butter".

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