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Rob Lowe at Sundance, "Beach Girls" DVD

VH 1 has named Rob Lowe one of their 100 greatest teen stars. It is airing a special TV countdown starting Monday, February 6, starting at 9PM ET. The series will continue at the same throughout the week until Thursday.

Wireimage has photos of Rob Lowe at the Sundance film festival promoting his new film "Thank You for Smoking".

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Photos from Film Magic

From Monsters and Critics:
"Over there is Rob Lowe with a big smile on his face and his arms full of free booty. 'I'm making Paris Hilton look like an Amish person,' he jokes."

From the New York Observer:
"Absolutely that was Rob Lowe—whom Hollywood is buzzing about once again for his cameo as an agent in Thank You for Smoking—at the Self magazine swag suites, scoring a new BlackBerry."

Posted by BW Manilowe at Television Without Pity on a Rob Lowe appearance on The Tonight Show:
"The bit was on between Jay's monologue & the first guest (where he usually does stuff like Jaywalking & Headlines). The gist of it was Jay sent this independent filmmaker (whose name unfortunately escapes me....up to the festival on behalf of the show (to cover it, sort of). For every celebrity he ran into, he was supposed to get either $25 or $50.

So, he runs into a few celebs, among them Robert Redford, who he sees at a distance & shouts out to. ...He gets to what ends up being the last place in the bit, 1 of the "swag" boutiques... where Rob [Lowe] just happened (or maybe just happened) to walk in while he was there.

The guy got all excited when he saw Rob [Lowe] & was like "Rob Lowe! Man you just made me some more money!" (At which point he may have also explained who he was & that he was there on behalf of the Leno show... which he did for others he cornered). So Rob looked at him, then said something like "Well, OK." or "Well, that's cool." (If I remember correctly), but was looking at him a little strangely. Then, the guy just practically tackled Rob in a huge hug... I thought Rob [Lowe] was gonna get the stuffing hugged out of him. When the guy finally let go, the verbal exchange was something like this:

Rob [Lowe]: "That wasn't a scene from Brokeback Mountain?

Leno Guy: "No, no..."

Rob [Lowe] : "When guys hug me in the mountains, I get nervous as hell."

I think that was where they ended the filmed bit & went back to Jay & the guy in the studio. I thought it was kinda funny, myself (but I also have a strange sense of humor)."

From Extra (includes video):
""Thank You for Smoking" opened at Sundance to smoking reviews this week in Park City, Utah. In the film, Rob Lowe plays a high-powered Hollywood agent who teams up with a tobacco spokesman to help make smoking sexy again.

The film is jam-packed with mega co-stars such as Katie Holmes, Robert Duvall, Maria Bello, Adam Brody and William H. Macy. And the critics are giving the flick a big thumbs-up.

But amidst all the excitement, Rob sat down with "Extra" and opened up about some tough events in his personal life. Of his brother's split with Hilary Swank, Rob revealed, "He seems to be doing fine, and they seem to be working through it."

Lowe told us he too is working through a tough loss: the recent passing of his dear friend John Spencer. The actor got teary eyed as he remembered his "West Wing" co-star. "He was the greatest," Lowe said. "He was probably my best buddy on the show."

Unfortunately for the millions of "West Wing" fans, after seven seasons and four Emmys, NBC announced that the show will not return after its May 14th finale.

But Rob may still make a return before "West Wing" goes off the air: "If the part was right, and it made sense, I'd do it."

"Thank You for Smoking" opens this March in a theater near you. But remember, save your smoking for after the film!"

TBPurr posted at Television Without Pity:
"On Access Hollywood [Rob Lowe] was with his cast buddies kidding about SWAG. They were outside.
E! was inside at the SWAG places.....They didn't show Rob [Lowe] getting the free stuff. Just the nice part where the "stars give back." From the wireimage photos. He's with Macey signing his jacket. And at the very end just a nice close-up shot of him."

posted at Television Without Pity on January 23:
"Today's Festival Dailes [on the Sundance Channel] 'The Scene' segment had the "Thank You For Smoking" premiere in it. They talked to everybody except Rob [Lowe]. You got to see Rob [Lowe] in the press line and a quick shot of he and Sheryl on the way into the theatre while they're interviewing Aaron Eckhart.

From Eonline:
"Wanna know how to get Rob Lowe to take off his clothes? Offer him some new ones. At Lee's Apr├Ęs Skis Lounge at the North Face House, Rob peeled off his pants--down to his skivvies--and tried on a pair of Lee jeans right smack in front of everyone. The rep from Lee helping outfit him was bright red--and Lowe hardly cared. "It's a good day when I can make someone blush," he replied. Oh, you tease!"

Fiordiligi posted an excerpt from February's W Magazine at Television Without Pity:
"Judging from the popularity of the HBO series Entourage and the buzz surrounding Rob Lowe's cameo as a kimono-wearing superagent in the upcoming film Thank You For Smoking, it appears that Hollywood's long-held fascination with itself is paying off"


The TV miniseries "Beach Girls" starring Rob Lowe will be available on DVD May 16th.

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