Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"West Wingers" at Screen Actors Guiild Awards

There were no wins for "West Wing" actors at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but many of the show's stars were nevertheless in attendance.

Kristin Chenowith and Martin Sheen were interviewed on E!'s "Live from the Red Carpet".
Check the American or international listings of that channel to find out when the program is replaying. It also has shots of Bradley Whitford and Janel Moloney arriving.

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Bradley Whitford
Janel Moloney
Allison Janney
Martin Sheen (with Geena Davis from "Commander in Chief")
Kristin Chenowith
Dule Hill (from Golden Globes)

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Bradley Whitford
Janel Moloney
Allison Janney
Martin Sheen (with Geena Davis from "Commander in Chief")
Kristin Chenoweth

The "In Memoriam" segment of the awards show featured John Spencer.

posted at J/D Talk:
"Nice to see Allison [Janney]and Janel [Moloney] sit right behind Mary Louise Parker and cheering her on. Bradley [Whitford] was laughing at that "I want to thank my divorce lawyer" (sorry her nameb escapes me) That was actually funny and of course to see John Spencer second to last on the memoriam."

Becky posted at J/D Talk:
"Brad [Whitford] is sitting beside Ron Silver and right behind Hugh Laurie from House, just in case anyone was curious."

yellowlaptop posted at Television Without Pity:
"I watched Bradley Whitford talking earnestly to Martin Sheen right before the announcement, and I thought--wow, maybe the show will get what it deserves. Another thing made me feel that fate was on its side--the long profile shot of Leo at the beginning of the show's clip."

char10 posted at Television Without Pity:
"I loved how when they did the IN Memoriam & John [Spencer] came up, everyone was cheering."

Martin Sheen spoke with ETonline about currently filming the episode involving Leo's death and the timetable for shooting later episodes in Washington D.C. (watch the video in the bar on the left)

From USA Today:
"TV's presidents — Martin Sheen and Geena Davis — met on the red carpet, causing shutterbugs to race to capture the moment. "She could sit down and tower over me," Sheen said of the 6-foot-tall actress."

Posted by cbweatherman at Television Without Pity from USA Today Print Edition:
"Kristin Chenoweth (The West Wing) said that last week she filmed the episode in which she discovers the body of Leo, who was played by the late John Spencer. The actor, who died in December, is "here with me tonight," she said. "I'm here for him."

From the Star Telegram:
"For someone whose series is about to end, The West Wing's Kristin Chenoweth looks really happy. She wore her twirly dress!"

In Ireland, the Screen Actors Guild awards was broadcast on RTE1 yesterday at 11:35PM GMT.
In the United Kingdom the Screen Actors Guild awards will be broadcast this coming Saturday, February 4, at 8PM GMT on LivingTV2.

Check your local listings to see when the awards show is rebroadcast in your area.

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