Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"West Wing" Shout-Out From Massachusetts Blog

From the Blue Massachusetts Group:
"I suppose it's appropriate to be reminded of a TV show at this point. The West Wing's debate from Bartlet's 2nd campaign had Ritchie, the Republican, give his his 10-word answer on tax cuts. He asks Ritchie to give him "the next 10 words" about how they're going to build the economy, "Give me the next ten words and I'll drop out right now." Maybe it's just my fantasy, but we need to encourage a political process wherein participants don't just read the cliffnotes. You want honesty? Don't reduce your opponents or your allies to caricatures. You want competence? Don't demand 10 word answers to a complex world. You want creativity? Give yourself a bigger canvass. You do that and I think you'll both demand and receive respect."

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