Friday, January 20, 2006

Martin Sheen in Calgary Supporting the Environment

scriptFrom the Rocky Mountain Outlook:
"However, a few unannounced guests dropped in, including The West Wing’s Martin Sheen, one of Hollywood’s most committed environmentalists.
He arrived in Calgary Saturday morning and drove out to Lake Louise for a quick, 24-hour stop before returning the next morning.
“I’m very much a supporter of Waterkeeper,” he said Saturday night (Jan. 14) just prior to the black-tie gala dinner.
“Bobby Kennedy is one of my heroes. I have long admired him and supported this cause, but this is the first time I’ve been able to attend one of these.”
Sheen, who said he has adored the Canadian Rockies since he made the movie Cadence with his son Charlie and Lawrence Fishburne in Kamloops in 1988, praised the work of Waterkeepers in monitoring North American waterways, and he hoped Paul Martin could pull out an election win next week.
“Of course, we’re not allowed to get involved in international politics, but we’re all affected. We all breathe the same air and our children inherit the same place. I hope he pulls it out — we’re very supportive of him.”
Sheen also said he envied Canadians, and particularly those privileged to live in the Bow Valley.
“This is such a gorgeous place. I’m very envious of you guys. You take it very personally. Canadians are much more aware of the environment and preserve it far more than Americans. We’re in big trouble with the environment, and it’s gotten worse with this administration.
“We have to start protecting the things that remains because we know what’s in store for us if we don’t and what’s happening with big business, big oil in particular. We are in a very real sense foreclosing on our future and our children’s future for what we are being told are necessary profits.”
His remarks echoed those of Kennedy, who later in the evening made an impassioned and at times biblical speech to the 580 guests in attendance at the $450-a-plate dinner. "

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