Sunday, January 15, 2006

Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme (not) at "West Wing" Press Tour?

From the "What's Alan Watching" blog:
"I don't leave for press tour for another couple of days, but some friends who are already out there told me that Sorkin and Schlamme are not going to be on the panel for the "West Wing" press conference. When I checked with someone at NBC, I was told that their inclusion on the guest list "was a clerical error," and that they were never scheduled to come.

Ah, well. If NBC picks up "Studio 7," Aaron and Tommy will be back at the tour in July, but that won't be quite the same as them giving their old baby a proper send-off."

From TV Guide's "Ask Ausiello":
"Question: Any idea what is going to happen with John Spencer's character on The West Wing? Are they going to write in his death? — Mark

Ausiello: Still no official decision, but here's something interesting. NBC is holding a West Wing session at press tour on Sunday, Jan. 22, and you'll never guess who was listed among the panelists: Mr. Aaron Sorkin himself. I'm told he won't actually be in attendance, but the very fact that he was on the list makes me wonder whether he's returning to write one of the show's final episodes. Allow me to investigate further…."

A post by mattmarcotte at "Television Without Pity" calls attention to the "What's Alan Watching" blog by Alan Sepinwall from the Newark Star Ledger with the following information:

"The January TV critics' press tour kicks off early next week, and the latest version of the schedule contained quite the surprise at the end: the very last session of the tour will be for "The West Wing," and here's the list of panelists. Note which two I bolded.

Kristin Chenoweth, Star
Allison Janney, Star
Josh Malina, Star
Janel Moloney, Star
Richard Schiff, Star
Martin Sheen, Star
Brad Whitford, Star
Alex Graves, Executive Producer
Chris Misiano, Executive Producer
Lawrence O'Donnell, Executive Producer
Tommy Schlamme, Executive Producer
Aaron Sorkin, Executive Producer
John Wells, Executive Producer

Sounds to me like, at very least, Sorkin and Schlamme are coming back to write and direct the Leo farewell episode -- or, as one critic suggested to me after he got a look at the schedule, maybe they're just coming back to do the finale. Or they could be just one and the same."

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