Saturday, November 05, 2005

Breaking News: Auditioning Script for Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 7'"

The Aaron Sorkin Yahoo Group has the sides in its files section. You will have to register there to read them. These are the roles being auditioned for.

You can also discuss the show at Television Without Pity.

From New York Magazine:
"Faux-Lorne’s meltdown comes after his bosses make him swap an incendiary sketch, “Crazy Christians,” for yet another sketch starring “Peripheral Vision Man,” a lame SNL-ian recurring bit. (Says one character, “We’re gonna keep doing that one till somebody laughs, huh?”) He’s fired and replaced by two young writing phenoms—one of whom has a cocaine problem and a “sexy redheaded” op-ed-columnist date who is “gonna win a Pulitzer” (Sorkin, arrested for on cocaine charges in 2001, once dated Maureen Dowd). NBC and SNL reps didn’t return calls."

From a New York Magazine interview with Maureen Dowd:
"The red walls are lined with shelves exploding with books, old record jackets (Nancy Sinatra, Peggy Lee), family photos, various feathered ornaments and fans, a collection of tigers, another of mermaids, and a dozen or so antique martini shakers. A poster that the Times’ managing editor Jill Abramson gave her pictures a glamorous woman surrounded by a rapt circle of men above the words KEEP MUM. SHE’S NOT SO DUMB! CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES. “I have terrible taste,” says Dowd. “Ask any of my friends.” Aaron Sorkin—whom Dowd will describe to me variously as a “genius,” a “really close friend,” and a “guy I used to date”—calls her house a cross between the New York Public Library and the House of the Rising Sun."

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