Monday, April 03, 2006

Titles and Writers for Upcoming "West Wing" Episodes

The West Wing Episode Guide has more information on the writers and directors of the upcoming episodes:
""Election Day Part II"
Written by: Eli Attie & John Wells
Directed by: Christopher Misiano

Written by: Eli Attie & Debora Cahn & John Wells
Directed by: Steve Shill

Written by: Peter Noah
Directed by: Nelson McCormick

"The Last Hurrah"
Written by: Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr.
Directed by: Tim Matheson (also plays former Vice-President John Hoynes)

"Institutional Memory"
Written by: Debora Cahn
Directed by: Lesli Linka Glatter""

Gordon Shumway posted at Television Without Pity:
"[Episode 21] is Debora Cahn, and the finalé is John Wells."

kendrakp posted at Television Without Pity:
"The final episode titles:
Election Day
Election Day II
The Last Hurrah
Insititutional Memory
Tomorrow (series finale)"

And a poster at WWSpoilers added all the writers for the upcoming episodes:
"Election Day: Lauren Schmidt
Election Day II: Attie, Wells
Requiem: Wells, Cahn and Attie
Transition: Noah
The Last Hurrah: O'Donnell
Institutional Memory: Cahn
Tomorrow: Wells"

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