Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Comments and Recaps for "West Wing" Episode "Requiem"

This episode is reaired on Bravo.

Discuss the episode at Television Without Pity .

From the Palm Beach Post:
"But before [Emily] Procter started catching bad guys in The Sunshine State, she was Ainsley Hayes, the lone Republican in the Bartlet administration on The West Wing for two seasons. Procter recently returned to NBC's White House drama for one episode. She admits, however, it wasn't easy.

"It was such an emotional experience just to be there and to not have (the late) John Spencer around was utterly heartbreaking," she says as some CSI crew guy wires her up with a hidden mic. "It was so touching (and) such a wonderful thing for me to go back and say goodbye to the actors and the crew and the environment and The White House."

But there was another reason Procter couldn't wait to get back on The West Wing set. "Long ago I got into trouble for doing handstands in the Oval Office," she recalls, giggling. "And I went back and did one last handstand. It felt great."

You'll be able to read more of my interview with Procter in The Palm Beach Post when my CSI: Miami feature story runs next month."

From WENN:
"The stars of The West Wing are still struggling to come to terms with the death of co-star John Spencer after his character's funeral aired in America on Sunday night.

Producers insisted Spencer's death be written into the hit drama, which ends its long run next month, as a tribute to the veteran actor who died following a heart attack in December.

But filming the painful episode, and then watching it, compounded the misery of the late actor's friends and colleagues on the show.

Former co-star Emily Procter says, "It's so hard to talk about... It just makes me sad.

"I don't know anyone who showed up there that didn't have a truly stupendous relationship with John Spencer. He was just fabulous."

Recap from TV Squad
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From the Denver Post:
"On a recent Sunday morning, National Public Radio's Debbie Elliott interviewed a Denver man she identified as being from "Colo-rod-oh."
That night on the television drama "The West Wing," actor Jimmy Smits, playing Texas Congressman Matt Santos, referred to the state as "Colo-rad-oh."
The differences in diction weren't pronounced and probably went unnoticed by all but the closest listeners. But they pointed up an intriguing paradox: Despite the homogenization of much of American life, regional accents continue not only to survive, but to thrive."

From unbleachedbrun's livejournal:
"We watched The West Wing tonight, and we're finally down to the last four episodes which were shot in D.C. early last month. It was kind of fun to try to watch the extras in the backgrounds to see if I recognized any friends.

The thing that struck me most, though, was watching the funeral and cemetery scenes. They started that shoot up in Baltimore at 5:30 a.m. and it was a long, long day of shooting, yet the entire sequence including the opening credits and those long shots of the main characters dressing for the funeral was well less than ten minutes long!

I'm still thinking my scene will be in the final episode, but I'll be taping the last two, just in case."

fourweekwindow posted at Television Without Pity:
"To settle the whole "6th man" thing, he is indeed Mallory's husband, and was a featured extra, chosen on the day out of a group of like 6 guys. The honor guard is Air Force, and true to"The West Wing" classiness, they are actually from the Air Force Honor Guard. As for protection, there were several SS guards that you'll see (maybe not) flanking the outer aisles of the church."

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