Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Studio 7" Update

According to the IMDB, W. G. Snuffy Walden will be scoring "Studio 7". He also scored "The West Wing" and "Sports Night".

From the blog of actor James Urbaniak:
Posted by keysersweenze:
first time commentator, long time reader... actually its only been a week.

I am a huge sorkin fan, and when I heard he was starting a new show, I had to read more about it. On some site I found parts of the script and who has auditioned, and your name came up (which I found out later was because of an AICN article that used info from your blog). So I check out your credentials, and liked what I saw. You were awesome in American Splendor, that's for sure.

I say good luck to you, with hope that you will get the Sorkin gig. Also, your blog is entertaining to read so keep it up with the good stuff. Thanks!"

Answer from urbaniak:
"Thank you. It's been over a month since the Sorkin audition and I never heard anything, so I definitely didn't get it. But something interesting always comes up eventually here in Voucher Ankles land. So stay tuned."

From L.A. Observed:
"Scott Gold, who has presided over the Houston bureau with exceptional energy and skill for three newsy years, is returning to Los Angeles with his wife, Dana Calvo. Dana, a frequent contributor to Business and Calendar, has accepted a job in L.A. as writer and story editor on the upcoming NBC series "Studio 7," a behind-the-scenes send-up of a fictional late-night variety show."

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