Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Studio 7" Casting Update

From the Livejournal of actor James Urbaniak :
"Speaking of improvisation, next week I have an audition for the new Aaron Sorkin series "Studio 7," which is a behind-the-scenes drama about a "Saturday Night Live"-type show. (Which, coincidentally, is also the concept of the Tina Fey pilot that I auditioned for a few months ago.) As part of this audition I have to do some sort of comedy bit/improv of my own design. I have an idea but for the moment I'm keeping it under wraps. All I can say is watch your back, Gary Kroeger."

Later post:
"Yesterday I had auditions for Kirt Gunn's indie film "Lovely by Surprise" and Aaron Sorkin's new TV series "Studio 7."...."Studio 7" is a backstage comedy-drama about an SNL-type show. For this audition, I rattled through Sorkin's witty dialogue with a pacy, prickly energy that was positively Sorkinesque. What more could they want? Sharing the waiting room with me were such eminent farceurs as Denis O'Hare, Ben Shenkman and Doug E. Doug. None of whom, incidentally, were reading for the same part as me. So: Good luck, gentlemen. If they don't give me this show, there's no justice in Tinseltown."

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