Monday, October 24, 2005

Upcoming "West Wing" Episodes

Posted by janddkraz at Television Without Pity (highlight):
"No, I'm getting it from someone that works with NBC. I badgered him to death to get info...and he stated there is a upcoming scene involving both Toby and Josh. My assumption of this happening is episode 6."

From the Creator's Syndicate:

With the "West Wing" election on the way between Alan Alda's and Jimmy Smits' characters, it's interesting to hear that they're casting kids to play Smits' son and daughter. Not that that means he's going to win or anything."

From a TV Guide Interview with Stephen Root who has been playing a Vinick Campaign Staffer:
" You have a recurring gig on The West Wing....
Root: Yeah, I'm going to do another one next week, actually. I'm shooting this miniseries with white hair for Richard Clarke, getting it dyed the next day, and then I'm on the West Wing set with my normal hair. Are you in the live Nov. 6 episode? Can we trust you to be?
Root: Oh, I would think! I did 10 to 12 years of theater before I ever did film or TV. I was in New York in the mid-'70s through the '80s. I would love that. But I haven't heard yet. I don't know whether I'm in it or not."

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