Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stockard Channing Speaks Out

In the past weeks, Stockard Channing spoke out on a number of personal issues in some short interviews.

From Contact Music:
"Veteran actress STOCKARD CHANNING loves being out of work because it means she can spend her days lounging around in bed. The GREASE star enjoys nothing more than existing between the sheets. The 62-year-old says, "I feel most comfortable with myself in bed. "Reading in bed, getting up in the morning and going back to bed; talking on the phone in bed; and I love lots of covers, so burrowing with the dogs on the bed."

From Contact Music:
"STOCKARD CHANNING hates the idea of being a "raving beauty" in Hollywood, as she would miss out on all the best acting parts. The WEST WING actress admits she lives in a society which is obsessed with image, but she insists she'd rather grab the more interesting roles than be typecast as a bimbo. She says, "I think the toughest thing in this town is to be an absolute raving beauty with a capital B. "If my professional cachet was based on my physical looks, I can't imagine how hard it would be. "I don't have to live with that shadow of my former self because I'm a character actress - and I'm proud of that. "If I've had any satisfaction out of my career it's that I've created a lot of different females who don't fit a pattern." "

From WENN:
"THE WEST WING star STOCKARD CHANNING insists she was wrongly portrayed as a drunk in the media when she was charged with drink driving in 2004.
The former GREASE star was stopped by California police driving on the hard shoulder of Los Angeles' Hollywood Freeway and pleaded not guilty to two counts of driving under the influence in an LA court last year (APR05).
Channing says, "It was Christmas. I went out to dinner with a friend and we had a toast.
"I got into the car and there was an accident on the highway. I wound down the window and asked the officer what had happened and he smelt the red wine on my breath.
"I want to say for the record that I was 0.11 and the legal limit (in Los Angeles) is 0.08.
"They are very strict in LA and so they should be. But to my frustration it got turned into something larger than it was.""

From Contact Music:
"GREASE superstar STOCKARD CHANNING has sworn off marriage forever after undergoing four divorces. The WEST WING actress, 62, has four broken marriage behind her, with WALTER CHANNING (63-67), PAUL SCHMIDT (70-76), DAVID DEBIN (76-80) and DAVID RAWLE (80-88). Channing insists she is happy now living with her long-term partner, cinematographer DANIEL GILLHAM, whom she has been dating since 1990, she is more focused on enjoying the relationship as it is, rather then making it formal. She tells Now, "I think you can be funny about divorce. You have to. No one gets married expecting to get divorced. "But there are a lot of people who've lived with lots of different people because that's the modern world, whether we like it or not. "I've been with Daniel for 16 years. That's a huge achievement in Hollywood. "Marrying again would feel silly.""

From WENN:
"Actress STOCKARD CHANNING was shocked when her role in hit musical GREASE failed to secure her any other work as a young actress, despite the film's overwhelming popularity.
Channing, who was 34 when she played BETTY RIZZO in the 1978 movie, claims the film was as ridiculed as it was loved - prejudicing people against her talent.
She has since excelled as an older, character actress, winning two Emmys and a Best Actress Oscar nomination for the 1993 film SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION but she will never forget her post-Grease struggle.
She says, "I don't think I am just (remembered) for (Grease). There's Six Degrees and WEST WING.
"What upset me at the time was that it didn't help me to get any more work.
Grease was looked down upon.""

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