Thursday, July 20, 2006

More4 Celebrates End of "West Wing" With Quiz Special and Marathon in UK

More4 will broadcast the "West Wing" series finale next Friday at 10:30PM GMT. The finale will be preceded by episode 21 "Institutional Memory" at 9:30PM GMT, and at 9PM, by a Quiz Special, "The Ultimate
'West Wing' Challenge".
From More4:
"To mark the final broadcast of the last ever episode of The West Wing , More4 presents The Ultimate West Wing Challenge , an entertaining and intelligent celebration of the series. Hosted by Rory Bremner, the show unearths a hotbed of closet West Wingers in the form of the current Doctor Who David Tennant; Mark Oaten MP; columnist and comedian Arabella Weir; and UK editor of Newsweek Stryker McGuire. Alongside handling a CJ-style press conference and dicing with death on the speediest 'walk and talk' scene ever, the contestants trade their West Wing knowledge to discover the greatest all-round follower of Bartlet. Can you match the President's knowledge of Fjords Micronesia, National Parks and chess? Who can get across the White House fastest in a quick-fire round? Who said what to whom and where? Set in 'the Oval office' and recorded in front of an audience of hardcore 250 West Wing devotees, this is a chance to celebrate the greatest President America never had."

Episode 20 The Last Hurrah will air normally tomorrow at 9PM GMT on More 4.

Reader Jason wrote a couple of weeks ago that he intended to try and be in the audience for this Quiz show.
The 2 final episodes and the Quiz show will be rerun numerous times through the weekend on More4 and More4 + 1.

On Saturday, More4 is marking the occasion by rerunning selected older episodes:
the Pilot, What Kind of Day Has It Been, In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, The Stackhouae Filibuster, Two Cathedrals and 20 Hours in America.

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Caz963 said...

According to the Radio Times this is NEXT week - i,e Friday 28th July.