Saturday, June 24, 2006

"West Wing" Charlie Rose Interview For Free on Google Video, "West Wing" Cast Was on "Ellen" on May 11

Today you can watch watch the May 2001 "Charlie Rose" interview with Aaron Sorkin and Cast Members Martin Sheen, John Spencer, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff and Bradley Whitford discussing the second season finale for free on Google Video!

Ellen De Generes' official website has a new clip of the "West Wing" cast's appearance if you click on Thursday's show. This clip plays in Quicktime.

The calendar for the "Ellen" show confirms that the cast of the "West Wing" will be her guest on May 11th. There is a clip on the website with a preview for the whole month of May which includes shots of the cast members Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Allison Janney, Martin Sheen, Janel Moloney, Dulé Hill, Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda on the show.

Some posts from Television Without Pity:
thel22 posted:
"I guess we did get our retrospective after all. With so many cast members present, there was really no in depth discussion, but it was very moving and very funny. Lots of clips shown during bumpers in and out of commercials. And Richard Schiff, presenting Ellen with roses because John Spencer always brought them to her when he appeared on the show, is the man."
Kolonaki posted:
"Also the Allison [Janney] love - "you know I flirt with all of you" Richard Schiff : "Yeah, but me most!", and Bradley Whitford to Alan Alda - "You married the prop guy? Wow...Congratulations!" That man has perfect comedic timing. And, of course, for probably the last time (*sniff*), Allison Janney saying she loves the President's balls. I know she's done it before, but it cracks me up every time. Martin Sheen's reaction was priceless."

SueB posted:
"I agree, the Ellen show was just as good, if not better, than a retrospective.

Ellen summary:

Ellen (as usual) spends the first 10 minutes dancing and chatting with her audience.

They brought out the "West Wing" cast in groups (adding another couch or chairs as each group was added so that in the end everyone was on stage) to give more focus on each person. The set was sort of Oval Office-ish.

Group 1: Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Bradly Whitford. The previously mentioned roses was the highlight of Group 1 plus a set of John Spencer clips.
Group 2: Dule Hill& Janel Moloney. A "secret handshake" moment w/ Dule & Martin and a discussion on the fan adoration of Josh & Donna
Group 3: Josh Mallina, Kristen Chenoweth, Mary McCormack ...good story of how Josh begged buddy Sorkin for the job. Ellen played a game where a cast member was identified by their attributes....pretty easy guesses, showed lovely comraderie
Group 4: Alan Alda & Jimmy Smits good discussion on the debates. Alan Alda said he took the wedding ring from the prop department because it fit. Bradley Whitford said "Does that mean you're married to the prop guy?" It was a hoot.

At somepoint, Ellen asked if anyone took trinkets from the set and Allison [Janney] said she took "the President's balls". And made little hand motions like she was grabbing glass paperweights. Well....the word "balls" was not out of her mouth for a nanosecond and then what she said hit her and she just about died. Everyone roared. A great moment. Almost as good as "I hawd woot canal".

The cast played "Presidential Movies" charades...pretty funny to see Alan Alda give "birth" as in "Born on the 4th of July".

Finally, Ellen presented the cast each with "Remember Me? I Was On The West Wing" bumper stickers, commemorative plates with their individual pictures, and cakes with their pictures. At some point Bradly Whitfrod chases Josh Malina and Mary McCoramck joins in and pretty soon everyone is holding Josh Malina while Mary McCoramck pitches the cake at his face. Very funny."

Joshua Josh Josh posted:
"About the Ellen show, did I mishear or did someone say after she presented them with the commemorative plates "this is going straight on ebay!""
krizmic posted:
"My favorite part of the Ellen show hasn't been mentioned yet. After Richard pours the praise onto Allison (followed by Martin's praise), Allison grabs Richard's hand. Then, as they were going to commercial, Allison grabs Richard's hand again--but this time, she's not even looking and does it in mid-air. It's just such a sweet, intimate gesture. You really got the sense (from this and all the interactions) that this is a family.

Oh, and I also loved the nametags ;)"

Originally posted April 4
From a poster at the WWSpoilers Yahoo group:
"I heard that the cast was taping an "Ellen" episode today that will air sometime during the week before the season finalé.

I don't know what cast members were actually involved though.

And I'm sure it had to be done this early because they are in their last couple of weeks of filming and everyone will be going in their separate directions."

The poster later added:
"Airdate is Thursday, May 11th."

You can listen to an appearance of Aaron Sorkin on the Charlie Rose show on October 2, 2002 here.

fposte recently posted a link to information on how to order a DVD of a "West Wing" cast appearance on the Charlie Rose show in May 2001.

A video of this appearance is also available for purchase on Google Video. You can see 2 minute clip of the video for free. The entire video cosst 99 cents.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone got a torrent file of the Ellen show - if so where can I pick it up?

newsjunkie said...

Try here:

Also, the episode will be rerun on the Oxygen cable channel Friday, May 19th, at 1AM ET. Check your local istings.