Thursday, May 04, 2006

"West Wing" Shout-Out from NY Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Candidate

From the New York Times:
"As for Mr. Spitzer's opponent, Mr. Suozzi, he said yesterday that he would not attend the May 30 Democratic convention because he knew he could not win the 25 percent vote among delegates, weighted by region, that he needed to be listed on the primary ballot. Instead, he will use an alternative route to get on the ballot, collecting 15,000 signatures from registered voters.

In an interview, he expressed frustration that Mr. Spitzer had not agreed to debate him and that he would not be allowed to speak at the convention without the 25 percent.

"I've known all along that the party itself was not going to support me, but I thought they would at least encourage debate between legitimate candidates," Mr. Suozzi said in an interview. "How are we going to engage voters if we can't even engage each other? More people in this country have seen a debate on the 'West Wing' than between real candidates.""

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