Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"West Wing" Related Sightings

Chuck posted on his blog:
"I reported for jury service last Monday, along with a couple hundred other jury pool losers. (Star sighting: Janel Moloney (Donna Moss) of West Wing was there too, only I don’t know if she was picked for a jury. She probably played her Hollywood Celeb card and skated.) Me and about 30 other schmoes were rounded up and sent to one of the courtrooms, and by the end of the day 12 of us were on the jury (I was #12) and the attorneys were already doing opening statements."

Holly posted on her blog about a New York City trip:
"day two also brought with it some good celebrity sightings. i *think* i spotted gina gershon, but can't quite be sure. tripper and i *know* we spotted willem dafoe. we were eating dinner at a cute little outdoor cafe in the village and he was at the hair salon across the street. how fabulous! we also spotted mark feuerstein (white house deputy chief of staff clifford calley on the west wing) at the shop where i bought my new warm and toasty north face. yay!"

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