Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Martin Sheen Wants Peaceful Resolution for His Son, Denise Richards and his Grandchildren

From ETOnline (site also includes video clip):
"At Monday's Sober Day USA event in Los Angeles, MARTIN SHEEN spoke to ET about the nasty divorce that son CHARLIE SHEEN and estranged wife DENISE RICHARDS are in the midst of -- calling for a "cease fire!"

Martin said that despite the difficult circumstances, Charlie was holding up well. "He's doing fine, I was with him yesterday and the children, and we had a great time with them."

He also said that he has tried to become the calming voice in what has become Hollywood's nastiest divorce. "I asked all sides to stop for a minute, to have a cease fire, to heal the wounds and put the fires out and come together a little bit because what's really at stake are the future of these little kids, LOLA and SAM, so that's who we have to focus on right now."

"It'll end and I have every confidence that both Charlie and Denise will become friends again," Martin revealed. "It'll take a while, they have to go through this, but I just hope that they both stop and consider what's at stake for the future of these children."

On April 21, Denise filed court papers against her estranged husband which contained numerous allegations against him. On the same day, a judge granted her a restraining order, ordering that Sheen maintain his distance from her and their two young daughters. Sheen has told ET he believes her allegations are "baseless" and a "smear campaign.""

"Martin Sheen recently revealed how Charlie and his grandchildren are holding up. The interview airs on Access Hollywood tonight, May 2. At the Brent Shapiro Foundation's First Annual Sober Day event last night, Martin Sheen said, "He's holding up pretty well. I was with him yesterday and the kids, Lola and Sam, we had a great day. You know it's sad what's going down, you know it's painful we have to get through it, but I think we have to stop all sides at the ready stop and say cease fire."

Sheen added, "Let's focus on what is really important here, Lola and Sam. I have every confidence in Charlie and Denise will eventually become friends. I miss Denise. I haven't seen her since before Christmas, so I just want her to know that we love her, we are concerned about her, and if there is anything we can do, you know, we're there for her. That is the only way that anybody can be at this point."

Denise's friend, Angie Harmon, who shot a TV pilot with her and was also friends with Charlie said, "She (Denise) is doing good." When asked how she thought their story would continue to play out she added, "I think like everything, it's going to run its course and all the truth about all the stories are going to come out and it will be in her favor, I know that.""

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