Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Comments and Recaps of "West Wing" Episode "Institutional Memory"

Discuss the episode here.

From TV Squad.
From TV Guide.
Roger Catlin from the Hartford Courant.
Personal comment from Alan Sepinwall.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
"Not so fast, say defenders of the Freudian faith. By articulating the nature and processes of the unconscious -- no matter how flawed those ideas might have turned out to be -- Freud turned our gaze inward and fashioned a concept of the self for the self-conscious modern world. The importance and enduring implications of his views, argue these neo-Freudians, are hard to overestimate. In everything from our reading of literature and appreciation of surrealistic art to the recognition of passive-aggressive behavior in a co-worker, our own mixed motives and our parents' formative follies, Freud remains in the collective groundwater.

Last week, as NBC's "The West Wing" was winding down, White House Chief of Staff C.J. Cregg (Allison Janney) grew increasingly short-tempered as she agonized about a love-or-work life decision. "What do you think this is," she snapped, "some Freudian temper tantrum?" At which point the air seemed to clear and C.J. began to know her own mind. "

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