Saturday, May 06, 2006

Attention Boston Area "West Wing" Fans

If you are a "West Wing" fan, if you mention "The West Wing" in your blogs and especially if you are planning some kind of a "West Wing" farewell party next week, and you live in the Boston area, please contact this blog using this e-mail address: . A reporter for a local Boston paper is doing a story on the show's end and its impact on popular culture and would like to to talk to "West Wing" fans living in that area. This editor will forward any e-mails received to the reporter. Thanks - you can let also let anybody else know who might fit this description but is not a reader of this blog that they can also send an e-mail.

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Kaila said...

hi, i was just wondering since you are such a fan of the west wing if you could tell me who this actor is. My friends and I saw him at California Adventures last april and we thought he had been on the west wing. You can follow the link to my blog and leave a comment if you want. thank you