Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"West Wing" Spoilers from Eonline's Kristen and TV Guide

From TV Guide's Ask Ausiello:
"Question: Can you shed any light on who'll win Sunday's West Wing election? — Thomas

Ausiello: Get out your dry-erase board 'cause Ask Ausiello is calling Texas for Santos and — holy crap — California for Vinick! Talk about a nail-biter!

From Chat With Kristin:

"From Andrea: Please tell me who wins the election on West Wing! I love this show too much to watch it end with a Vinnick Victory. Santos wins, right?
Um, well, could you imagine an election episode in which he does not? Me neither.

From rene_artois: Josh Holloway naked! Now that I've got your attention, let's talk West Wing. Josh and Donna, yay! And how heart-wrenching was it to hear Annabelle shriek? We all knew it was coming but it still killed me. Any news on future developments?
Sorry, can't speak 'cause tongue is still wagging. Okay. Am loving Josh & Donna and can say you will be very pleased at how things are wrapping up not only for them, but also for C.J. Word is she's getting a man!"

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