Sunday, April 02, 2006

"We Changed Timezones?!" No Longer

From the Associated Press:
"Seven months a year, Deano's Tavern cashes in on Indiana's refusal to observe daylight-saving time. Ohio residents whose bars close at 2:30 a.m. can go four miles up the road to Deano's for another hour of drinking before last call.
"That worked out pretty good for us," said Scott Cline, a bartender at the pub in this community of about 600 residents on the Indiana-Ohio line. That advantage will disappear after Sunday, when Indiana begins observing daylight-saving time statewide for the first time in more than 30 years.The change, approved by lawmakers last year, makes Indiana the 48th state to observe daylight time; Hawaii and most of Arizona are the only holdouts.
Many Indiana residents have never changed their clocks. Under state law, most of Indiana has ignored daylight-saving time since the early 1970s.The result has been a patchwork of time zones, with 77 counties observing Eastern time but not changing clocks; five on Eastern time unofficially observing daylight-saving time; and 10 on Central time that observed daylight-saving time.The clock confusion made the state the butt of jokes and even provided a plotline for television's "The West Wing.""

From Season 4's premiere episode:
"JOSH Whoa, hey, danger, Will Robison. Tyler, no fooling around.
We've got 15 minutes to getto a plane that is 3 miles from here.
That plane-- I swear to God-- is taking off at 1:00.

TYLER It's taking off a 1:00?

JOSH Yes it is.

KIKI Are you guys stupid or something? It's 1:45 right now.

JOSH It's 12:45.

KIKI No, not here it's not.

DONNA Oh, my God, she's right.

TYLER See, we crossed over from Unionville to Dearborn County which
doesn't observe Dalight Saving Time.

KIKI I think it's the other way around, genius.

TYLER What did I ever do to you?

DONNA It says on the schedule, "All times are local." This is why I
couldn't get anyone on their cell.

JOSH Wait. Wait. No. No. You're not... We changed time zones?
We changed time...We changed time zones?!

TYLER It's a-a common mistake.

JOSH Not for the U.S. government!

What kind of schmuck-ass system could this possibly...

JOSH That's good! That's perfect!

TOBY How did...? I don't understand.

JOSH Perfect. Just the break I'm looking for.

TOBY What do...? What do...? People, they just...They reset their watches
when they commute?

JOSH I can't take working here.

TOBY They just change their watches every time they cross a time zone?
What is this, a joke?!

JOSH Serving my country.

DONNA Okay, this is a whole new thing now. My guys are going to need to
walk this off a bit before they can regroup. Kiki, you and your friends
get back to school. Tyler, you and I are going to come up with a plan
to get us to a commercial airport.

TYLER Okay, how long are they going to be?

They turn around to se that Josh walking across the bridge and Toby has picked
up a big stick and is whacking the guardrail.

DONNA A couple more minutes.

TYLER Okay."

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