Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Melissa Fitzgerald, "Carol", Helps Out in Local D.C. Political Race

From the DCist:
"When you're facing six opponents for a local political race, getting attention and the necessary funds can be a bit of an uphill battle. What better way to overcome such a climb than with political gimmickry?

Robert Gordon, who is running for the Ward 3 seat on the D.C. Council being vacated by Kathy Patterson, may have just found his ticket to victory -- The West Wing. In an email sent to DCist, Gordon announced a fundraiser this coming Sunday at which former West Wing cast member Melissa Fitzgerald, at right, would be on hand to lend support and celebrity sheen to his campaign. Fitzgerald is an original cast member on the highly popular show, having played the role of Carol Fitzpatrick, an assistant to Press Secretary C.G. Cregg. We asked a West Wing fan to judge Fitzgerald's role on the show and what her presence could bring to Gordon's campaign:

"She was very dependable. Her character development never included her doing anything wrong. Never reprimanded. She had a good sense of humor and helped C.J. make decisions about C.J.'s love life, policies, etc. It's kind of a funny person to have at a fundraiser considering she played (at least in the first 5 seasons) a pretty minor character. She was, however, on the show from the beginning, which says something."

Gordon could use the boost in fundraising. So far he has raised $16,250, putting him third behind Sam Brooks ($33,500) and Mary Cheh ($26,255) but barely above fourth-place Erik Gaull, whose $10,449 take in just over a month made him the ward's most aggressive fundraiser in the most recent finance reporting period. And while there is no doubt that some of the show's hardcore fans will come out to mingle with Fitzgerald, it remains to be seen how many regular residents are willing to shell out the minimum $50 contribution to share awkward stories with a relative unknown in the world of television. Gordon has also announced that West Wing memorabilia will be auctioned off to benefit his campaign, though we don't know exactly what he or Fitzgerald have gotten their hands on.
We're curious to see if any of the other campaigns respond with their own celebrity-studded fundraisers (darkhorse candidate Jonathan Rees did once claim the support of Collective Soul, though). We hear that pretty much everyone from Commander in Chief is available for these typs of events, so don't doubt that Geena Davis may soon be shilling for one candidate or another."

From The Hill:
"A sexy cast member from “The West Wing” is on her way to D.C., and she’s not even promoting a cause with a member of Congress.
Melissa Fitzgerald, who plays Carol Fitzpatrick on the show, will be hosting a fundraiser for Ward 3 D.C. City Council candidate Robert Gordon on Sunday at the Parthenon restaurant on Connecticut Avenue.
An e-mail sent out by the Gordon campaign promises the chance “to meet and share memories with a featured cast member” — for only $50.
Turns out the brunette beauty is close friends with Gordon’s campaign manager, Shelley Cohen. The two met while working on the Gore-Lieberman campaign in 2000. Fitzgerald was a celebrity spokeswoman, and Cohen was charged with booking her TV and radio appearances.
They later worked together in 2004 for Environment 2004, a 527 group now known as the Environmental Alliance.
Gordon and Fitzgerald “really bonded because they have so many similar interests,” Coen said."


Anonymous said...

I do not think the amount of money candidates are taking in means a whole lot but how they have spent it.

Look at the two extremes of Sam Brooks and Jonathan Rees.

Brooks has the most money but is the least seen on the ward 3 campaign trail and Rees has the least but is seen more than all other candidates combined.

Also Rees is said to have gotten his hands on an email list of Democratic voters I being one of them who was intriduced to his campiagn by an email.

How much money a candidate has seems this time round not to have any impact overtly speaking.

Anonymous said...

oh, clam up rees. is there one blog in the whole world you haven't ruined with your idiotic self-promotion?