Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TV Guide Summary for "West Wing" Episode 13 "The Cold"

From TV Guide:

"Vinick and Santos (Alan Alda, Jimmy Smits) learn the surprising results of the latest polls, and also meet with Bartlet about disturbing new developments in the dispute between Russia and China. Meanwhile, Josh and Donna share an awkward moment."

Cast listing: Martin Sheen, John Spencer, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Janel Moloney, NiCole Robinson, Joshua Malina, Lily Tomlin, Mary McCormack, Kristin Chenoweth, Jimmy Smits, Alan Alda

TV Guide's Ask Ausiello answered a question relating to this week's episode:
"Question: I've waited patiently for I don't know how many years, so if you can't promise me that Josh and Donna will share a long, slow, wet kiss that lasts at least two commercial breaks, then I'm done with The West Wing. — Nate

Ausiello: Two commercial breaks? That's asking a lot, don't you think? Josh and Donna will finally smack lips this Sunday, but Jimmy Smits interrupts them before they can make it to second base. [J]osh isn't giving up, though. Something happens at the end of the episode that suggests it won't be long before they start makin' babies."

dianab93 posted a message at Television Without Pity from the poster of the episode clips regarding the "previously on "The West Wing"" segment of this episode:
"People were speculating on the "previously on the west wing" beginning below
is what clips they show and in what order.... surprisingly NO Josh and Donna
clips... maybe they want to surprise people?

If you want you can post this :)

1) Clip of one of the election rally
2) Clip of the reported with Donna asked about the latest Zogby poll which
shows them 7 points down with 6 weeks to go
3) Will and Kate, Will asking Kate to dinner
4) Cj informing President Barlet about the nuclear reactor meltdown
5) President Barlet being informed the coolant dropped about a foot
6) Vinnick telling Bruno he pushed the licensing on the plant
7) Josh telling Santos how he has the up advantage because he’s always been
anti-nuclear while Vinnick has always been on the other side."

Info on spoilers for this episode here.

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