Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Promo For Next Week's "West Wing" Episode - Comments by Lawrence O'Donnell

You can watch the promo for next week's "West Wing" episode featuring the election in Windows Media and in Quicktime format.

There are some small screencaps of a certain scene in the promo here.

"West Wing" producer Lawrence O'Donnell was on Air America's The Al Franken Show Monday, April 27th and had some comments about a scene in the promo and upcoming storylines. It was transcribed on a livejournal:
"Al Franken: What's happening these days on The West Wing, Lawrence?

Lawrence O'Donnell: We are Sundays at 8 on NBC. We are running our final seven episodes. Next week's episode will answer the question that people have had for seven years… What's gonna happen with Josh and Donna.
Al Franken: Oh, my god. Really?

Lawrence O'Donnell: That question will be answered next week.

Al Franken: Man!

Lawrence O'Donnell: Sunday. Eight. NBC.
Al Franken: Ya' know, that is incredible restraint. Seven years.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Yes. Yes.

Al Franken>: Most shows go for that like, episode three.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Yeah… we thought we might go to it in episode four, but then we came up with a few more ideas.

Al Franken: That was a good thing to keep that going. That's Bradley Whitford, of course…

Lawrence O'Donnell: That's Brad Whitford and Janel Moloney. And…

Al Franken: There's always been a little…

Lawrence O'Donnell: A little romantic

Both: tension

Lawrence O'Donnell: there/Al: thing

Al Franken: A little sexual tension. That get's resolved this week. Ooo! Nothing like sexual tension.

Lawrence O'Donnell: I didn't say that the sexual tension gets resolved. I said you will find out…

Al Franken: Whether it gets resolved…

Lawrence O'Donnell: …what happens with Josh and Donna. And you will also…

Al Franken: And by the way, this is on television, so there's no, like, money shots or anything like that, right?

Lawrence O'Donnell: I will say one thing.
Al Franken: Yeah.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Yes. This is on commercial, network television. And I will say that you will see in The West Wing, between now and the end of the season, you will see a nude scene.

Al Franken: Wow!

Lawrence O'Donnell: A beautiful nude scene.

Al Franken: Are you in it? Because you've acted on the show…

Lawrence O'Donnell: I was on the set, but I did not get in front of the camera.

Al Franken: They didn't clear the set?
Lawrence O'Donnell: Of course not. We were all there. Many more people showed up for that. Many more people. Suddenly we all had to be on the set. And we're coming into the election, of who's going to win the West Wing election.

Al Frankenl: Wow… just so much happening.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Two episodes away… the winner of the election.

Al Franken: So much is happening on The West Wing. We have the resolution of this seven year romantic tension…

Lawrence O'Donnell: …and we have nudity.
Al Franken: We have nudity coming up… you're not saying which show.

Lawrence O'Donnell: I'm not saying which show. I want to be deliberately coy about that.

Al Franken: Ok. But that means you have to watch all…

Lawrence O'Donnell: …Yeah, all seven.

Al Franken: All seven… to see…

Lawrence O'Donnell: Sundays at eight.

Al Franken: …to see Martin Sheen nude.

Lawrence O'Donnell: On NBC.

Al Franken: And then the resolution of who will get elected. Alan Alda…

Lawrence O'Donnell: Alan Alda, playing the Republican candidate, Jimmy Smits playing the Democratic candidate. And they're running neck and neck at this point.

Al Franken: Wow.

Lawrence O'Donnell: The Republican was winning for quite awhile, but now they've tightened up.

Al Franken: It's tightened up?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Tightened up.

Al Franken: Phew! Ok, well, thank you Lawrence. Lawrence O'Donnell, everybody."

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