Monday, March 27, 2006

Comments on "West Wing" Episode 15 "Welcome to Wherever You Are"

From TV Squad.

From TV Guide

Lengthy recap from LTG at Television Without Pity.
Atrios Blog
Comments by Roger Catlin from the Harford Courant here and here
Short comment by Jake Tapper from ABC News

From the Times Tribune:
"Given Scranton’s importance in the past two presidential elections, it’s no surprise the city played a role in the fictional race for the White House on the NBC drama “The West Wing.”

In the episode aired Sunday night, Election Day is just five days away and campaign staffers for Democratic presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Matt Santos, portrayed by actor Jimmy Smits, talk about being in Scranton the next morning.

Another scene on a bus is datelined Scranton and featured Jon Bon Jovi, a rock star who campaigned with real-life Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry. The troupe was on its way to Bethlehem."

Independent St. Louis blog.

Discuss the episode here.

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