Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spoilers For Election Episode + Major Spoilers for Next "West Wing" Episode from Josh/Donna Talk Group

There is some more description of spoilers from the election episode at the Josh/Donna Talk Group.

There is now a detailed breakdown of script excerpts from the election episode at the Josh/Donna Talk Group. It is once more requested that these spoilers are not reprinted publicy.

A post at a Yahoo group for Mary Louise Parker contains the information that she is in Los Angeles filming a "West Wing".

Information from the Josh/Donna Talk Group also indicates that Mimi Leder and Christopher Misiano will be directing the two parts of the election episode.

There are new spoilers for the Election episodes at the Josh/Donna Talk Group at this message. You must be a member to read them and it is request that the information not be reprinted anywhere publicly.

***Major Spoiler Warning***

Some major spoilers for the next episode "The Cold" to be aired March 12 have been posted at the Josh/Donna Talk Group. You must register to view the information. While you may discuss the spoilers where you like (at Television Without Pity for example), the poster asks that they not be reprinted anywhere. Also bear in mind that there is still no 99% guarantee that this information is correct, even though all indications are that it is legitimate.
***Major Spoiler Warning***

There is a comparatively minor spoiler at the (highlight) CJ/Danny Yahoo Group about a possible guest appearance in episode 18. You have to register to read the post and the poster asks that the info not be reprinted.

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