Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bradley Whitford Hoping For Russ Feingold Presidential Run?

Bradley Whitford is also supporting a campaign encouraging film production in his homestate, Wisconsin.

From the Associated Press:
"On the television show "The West Wing," Bradley Whitford plays the campaign manager for a fictional Democratic presidential candidate. In real life, Whitford is helping Sen. Russ Feingold build support for a potential presidential run.

Whitford has contributed $2,000 to the Progressive Patriots Fund, a political action committee Feingold started last year to fund travel and make campaign donations. Politicians often use such PACs to build support for presidential runs, and Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat, is mulling a 2008 bid.

Whitford, a Madison, Wis., native, was one of more than a dozen actors, writers and producers to donate to Feingold's PAC. Overall, about one out of every four contributions to the Progressive Patriots Fund came from California.

Whitford's wife, actress and Milwaukee native Jane Kaczmarek, gave the PAC $1,000 and contributed $4,000 to his Senate campaign last year. Kaczmarek's management company did not respond to requests for an interview with the actress who plays the mother in "Malcolm in the Middle" on TV. Whitford's management company said his work schedule precluded an interview."

He previously had praised Russ Feingold in an article from Vogue.

See Bradley Whitford's campaign contributions from Newsmeat.com.

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