Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New York Daily News Sighting of "West Wing" Cast

The New York Daily News reports that " "West Wing" cast mates Mary-Louise Parker, Joshua Malina, Richard Schiff and Bradley Whitford caught up at Babbo...." an Italian restaurant in New York City. The article implies that there was some negative discussion about Rob Lowe, but it is very possible that these comments were taken out of context and/or influenced by the journalist's personal opinion.

Also, morethnamemory posted a few days ago in her livejournal that "
I saw Bradley Whitford (plays Josh on the West Wing, whatsherface's dad in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) at the Los Angeles Zoo today. I walked right by him, could have reached out and tripped him if I'd wanted to. It was pretty special. This is my first famous person sighting."

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Dianora said...

Babbo is a Mario Batali restaurant. Calling it an "Italian restaurant" is like calling Nobu a sushi joint. ;)