Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Small Detail on Next "West Wing" Episode

Posted by Gordon Shumway at Television Without Pity:
"I had a rather unusual source for information about the wedding episode next week. I was at a party with Martin Sheen Saturday night, and he was overheard telling people several times that he would not be in the Dec. 4th episode, but that he would be in the Dec. 11th episode. He said that it involved his daughter's wedding, but he kept emphasizing that the really good part of the episode was going to be Lily Tomlin.

I have a feeling that we will see everything but the wedding. My guess is that Jed will finally get freed up from all the mess in the Oval Office, and we will see them start to head up the aisle and the show will end. This is just speculation, because I would not have had the nerve to ask Martin about what would be happening on the show."

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