Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New film By "West Wing" Writers

From Variety:
"Brad Silberling will direct "The Crusaders," a New Line drama about the landmark 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, with Terrence Howard starring as Thurgood Marshall.
"The Crusaders" was scripted by "West Wing" scribes Paul Redford and Lawrence O'Donnell and is based on the Jack Greenberg memoir "Crusaders in the Courts." It's the David vs. Goliath case in which the author and Marshall led the NAACPNAACP to win a case that helped end segregation in schools. Marshall, of course, would eventually become the first African-American Supreme Court justice.

"Marshall was the head of the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund, and Greenberg was this Columbia Law School grad who came to his doorstep looking for a job," Silberling said. " "

New Line's Michael Disco and Toby EmmerichToby Emmerich brought "Crusaders" to Cooper, who went straight to Howard when he had a script draft.

Howard's response was unusual. He sent an Entertainment Weekly cover with his face and a 1950s Time Magazine cover with Marshall's.

"The resemblance was uncanny and while I felt strongly about him before, these simple images showed how important this was to Terrence," Cooper said."

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