Friday, December 02, 2005

More Fuel For Rob Lowe Return Rumors

From ABC Houston:
" If "The West Wing" is saying its final farewell this spring, Rob Lowe will probably be there.
Lowe tells TV Guide he got a call from the show's executive producer John Wells to come back. Lowe hasn't signed on yet.

But his manager, Bernie Brillstein says it would be like George Clooney coming back to "ER" one last time. Brillstein says Lowe "had four great years on the show, so why not?"

There is an article in this week's TV Guide with the following unconfirmed information, as posted by eurp at Television Without Pity:
"In TV Guide (issue covering 12/5 thru 12/11), there is a blurb that says Rob has been asked (by John Wells) to come back to the show for one final episode, sort of to tie things up. Rob says that "if" he does come back, he hopes that Aaron Sorkin would also return for that episode. As the blurb says - Sam Seaborn fans, rejoice!"

From the Daily Blabber:
"According to TV Guide, Rob Lowe will return to the West Wing for one last episode. If the show ends in May, expect it to be the finale. "They asked if Rob would do the last show and wrap it up," said his spokesperson. "It would be like George Clooney coming back to ER one last time."

This was also reported at the WWSpoilers Group and the J/D Talk Group. So far this blog has not seen the actual text of the article.

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