Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Comments on "West Wing" Episode 9 "The Wedding"

Recap from "West Wing Continuity Guide".

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Discuss the episode at Television Without Pity.

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Lenthy recap by LTG from Television Without Pity

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Philadelphia Daily News:
"NBC's "The West Wing," once one of the most popular shows on television, has morphed into one of those pitiful "best shows you're not watching" since moving from Wednesdays.

Still, on any given Sunday night, it's a pretty good hour, of which several minutes were devoted this week to the political rite of passage known as the Philly cheesesteak.

No mention of Pat's or Geno's, but at least candidate Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) was warned to skip the Swiss - there's Swiss? - and go for the Cheez Whiz.

It might have been better, though, if the writers had also skipped the reference to Eagles fans.

Or saved it for a better year."

General Comments on Show

From Zap2It:
"Honorable Mentions
"The West Wing": For having the best revival and proving it's not over until you say it is."

From the Mercury News:

"• I have absolutely no conclusive evidence, but reading various tea leaves, you have to think this season of ``The West Wing'' is going to be its last. Point one: Viewership is down, way down. Point two: Rob Lowe says he is returning as Sam Seaborn for the season's final episode -- which practically screams ``The End.''"

From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:
"Time’s running out. You only have until this afternoon to plan your fabulous TV-character Christmas party.
For the On TV Contest, the judge wants to know: If you could host a party for a group of fictional TV characters, which would you invite?
Frustrated by unrequited or just plain old messed-up love on your favorite shows? Why not invite The Office’s Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley, Desperate Housewives’ Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino, and The West Wing’s Josh Lyman and Donna Moss and clunk their heads together?
There are only a few rules: Your list must include at least three characters. There’s no maximum number, but don’t forget you must explain why you want these people to be there. It’ll be easier and less time-consuming if you practice a little restraint.
Also, to keep things interesting and creative, you can’t have more than two people from the same show or franchise.
And don’t forget that there’s a difference between TV characters and the actors who play them. No matter how realistic a performance it is, Jason Lee is not Earl Hickey.
To enter, just write to the judge and tell her which characters you’d invite and why. And if you want to get creative and describe how you think the party would go, that would be terrific.
The best-written, most entertaining entry will win. This time around, Judge Nixon will let the winner pick one DVD set from the fabulous prize box under her desk. There are quite a few to choose from, including The West Wing season four and Veronica Mars season one."

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