Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Aaron Sorkin Leaves Message at Television Without Pity

Posted by donniene (Aaron Sorkin's assistant Lauren):
"Dear Posters,

Tommy Schlamme, John Wells and I wanted to thank you for all your many expressions of sympathy and sadness at the death of our friend, John. He never took those who appreciated his work for granted--always happy to read and respond to a letter from a stranger--and somewhere in Heaven he's baffled and delighted by an outpouring of affection from people who who had never met him but felt like they had. You've also provided a great source of comfort to the people he left behind, including the cast and crew of The West Wing. Several of your posts will be read out loud at his memorial service.

John was the ultimate team player. He was mortified at the notion of doing anything that might detract from the collective goal or disturb another member of the company. The other night, Tommy said, "Leave it to John to die at the beginning of the Christmas break so as not to disrupt production." After a table read of an episode called "Bartlet for America", John stepped over to me and said, "I want to serve this script. Stop me in the middle of a take if it seems like I'm trying to win an Emmy." Of course he went and did both.

All he ever wanted to be was a working actor, and he was a working actor until the day he died. He was beloved and revered by everyone who ever worked on our show, and he will be missed and remembered every day.

Thank you again.

Aaron Sorkin"

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vincent au said...

To whom it may concern,
It saddens me to even write this blog because for me it is unreal. I read of Mr. Spencer's death in the Wall Street Journal, I actually had to re-read it because I was so stunned. I figured it couldn't be a hoax only because it was in the Wall Street Journal.
I have been in love with the show since the first episode, my love from the show comes primarily from the actors and actresses on the show. They are in my opinion the most skilled actors in their art. Mr. Spence first entered into my life in the movie "presumed Innocent" and as years went by I saw him some other movies, but I was enthralled by him in LA LAW and it continue in The West Wing. It is always easy to spot an actor who will do a movie project for twenty million dollars. But try finding an actor like John Spencer who just acts for love and one who changes the audiences life. He did that for me. And for that, I will miss him and I am only sorry I never had the chance to tell him that. So I want to thank all the present and past cast members of The West Wing, Thank you for making my Wednesday nights the very best in the past and THANK YOU for enriching my life and making a difference.
I like to attend a NYC memorial service for Mr. Spencer, please email me at
Vincent Au
Avalon Partners Inc.