Monday, November 14, 2005

Upstart Politicians Inspired by "West Wing"

In Ohio, 21 year old James Hardy was elected as the youngest member of Akron Board of Education. The Beacon Journal reports on his campaign:
"In late October, Hardy stood out during a school board candidates forum held at Akron's Main Library. He smoothly answered questions and earned several chuckles from the crowd, including to his response on whether intelligent design should be taught in science classes.

``I believe in God, and I believe God is intelligent,'' he said, borrowing from Jimmy Smits' character on The West Wing. ``I do not believe in teaching intelligent design.''"

The Lexington Herald Leader reports on a seminar on running for public office:
"A.J. Schultz, who is an aspiring campaign manager at 21, said he was first inspired by fictional White House communications director Toby Ziegler of NBC's The West Wing.

"I want to know I make a difference," said Schultz, who will graduate next month from Berea College.

He said that despite the bad rap that politicians often get for being pliable, out-of-touch or even corrupt, he thinks the majority of officials want to improve life for citizens. He said he'd like to as well, whether from behind the scenes or even, perhaps, as U.S. president."

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