Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tim Matheson to Star in Lifetime Movie

Tim Matheson, who plays Vice President John Hoynes, will be producing and starring in the Lifetime movie "Augusta". From Reuters:
"Sharon Lawrence, Tim Matheson and Mika Boorem will star in the Lifetime original movie "Augusta, Gone," based on the true story of a mother who struggles to save her teenage daughter from self-destruction.

Matheson also will direct and executive produce the movie, which is based on the book by Martha Tod Dudman.

In "Augusta," which will premiere in March, Lawrence will portray Martha, whose once-sweet daughter, Augusta (Boorem), becomes overwhelmed by feelings of anger and self-loathing upon entering her teen years. When Augusta begins taking drugs and drinking and ends up on the streets, Martha and her ex-husband, Ben (Matheson), are forced to seek professional help."

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