Thursday, November 24, 2005

Martin Sheen Speaks Out on Substance Abuse

From the Malibu Times:
"Keynote speaker Sheen addressed the issue of substance abuse and said, "If there are any among you who are dealing with a child or loved one in the grip of addiction or despair, you've come to the right place."

Sheen advised seeking help from the experts, to not be intimidated and to find answers to their questions.

"Substance abuse is a serious disease ... don't be held back by arrogance or ignorance," he said. "Don't assume that your child is safe from substance abuse, no matter how close you are. All children are vulnerable by virtue of them being children."

Although a member of Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous and thus bound by confidentiality, Sheen talked of family support and parents' need to parent, no matter the cost.

He asked, "Do we love our children enough to risk their wrath and demand the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ... all the time, no matter what?"

Sheen gave seven questions that parents should ask their children if they suspect substance abuse: "Are you using? What are you using? How long have you been using? Where do you get it? Who do you use with? Do you use alone? And, this is the $64 million question, why do you use?"

The answer to question seven he said, "will take you on a journey about your children and yourself."

While universally, the answer is "I don't know," Sheen gave a personal theory that most who partake in substance abuse are searching on a spiritual journey. He advised parents to stay united if sorting through these issues, to trust their instincts and to be educated in the issues."

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