Friday, November 18, 2005

Humanitarian Causes Supported By Bradley Whitford

Bit on Bradley Whitford at the Cure Autism Now Benefit:
"Patricia Heaton took the stage next to present the CAN:DO Advocacy Award to husband-and-wife Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek. Long-time friends of co-founders Jonathan Shestack and Portia Iversen, Brad joked about Jon waiting for him to become famous enough to help the foundation and Jane described why Portia remains one of her heroes. Brad and Jane were honored for their efforts to raise awareness of autism while raising funds for Cure Autism Now through their own foundation, Clothes Off Our Back."

msmplm posted at Television Without Pity that Bradley Whitford is featured on the current cover of the catalogue from Heifer International, which sells goats and other animals to benefit people in impoverished third world countries. This organization was featured in the 4th season episode "Guns Not Butter" at the urging of Bradley Whitford.

The Pasadena Star News reports that Bradley Whitford participated at a lunch at his All Saints Church (which is involved in a dispute with the IRS) in Pasadena with representatives of the Darfur region in Sudan and Human Rights Watch.
"What Pasadenan Bradley Whitford, who was sitting at my table, knew about the developed nations' attitude was key to his cogent question to Gagnon: "Is the West washing its hands of this by saying it needs an African solution?"

Not quite, she said. Sudan insisted only African Union troops be allowed in the country as peacekeepers. So, it's better than nothing. But if we pushed for a real peace beyond the ceasefire, UN troops could arrive, and likely be more effective."

In the October issue of Instyle, there was a report on benefit for the Children's Defense Fund:
"Longtime supporter Jane Kaczmarek, for one, wasn't going to let a little jet-lag hold her back. "I just flew in from Connecticut this morning, and it's like I never left," she said as she took a look around the country-style manor in Pacific Palisades, Calif. "This doesn't feel like L.A.
As he does with his TV dramas, Abrams proved adept at mixing serious subjects with comedy when he urged pal Bradley Whitford to take a dip in the pool. "If J.J. goes in first, I'll follow," Whitford promised, though Abrams noted that he had one clear advantage: "I have dry clothes here."

You may be able to access this last article through databases provided by your local public library, such as the New York Public Library.

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