Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Alex Graves Leaving " West Wing" After This Season?

From pitch.com:
"He'll leave the show after this season, having sold a pilot to Fox about the New York City Police Department's counter-terrorism unit,"

Other quotes from the article:
""I've always felt creatively fulfilled on our show," Alex Graves, an executive producer of The West Wing, tells the Pitch. "But certainly, networks don't tend to be very friendly toward the intellectual considerations that we strive for, since it mostly goes against the current mold of appealing to the lowest common denominator."
"Executive producer is a title with a broad definition in TV; it sometimes indicates hands-on involvement with every aspect of the show, but it can also be an in-name-only recognition. Graves says he definitely falls in the former camp.

"I'm in the writers' room commenting on the content of episodes," he says of his role. "I'm in the editing room while the shows are being cut and edited, and I'm on set while it's being shot."

Graves was nominated for an Emmy this year for directing; he typically directs between five and eight episodes of the show each season, in addition to his other responsibilities."

"He returns to Lawrence this week to participate in the second half of the "Hollywood and Politics" lecture series at KU's Dole Institute. Using clips from The West Wing, Graves will illustrate how the show has been affected by events such as President Bill Clinton's impeachment, George W. Bush's election, 9/11 and the Iraq War. "The world has changed dramatically since the show started, and as a result, the series has had to change along with it," he says."

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