Thursday, October 13, 2005

"West Wing" Writers: Fan Sites as Story Bibles?

Michael Oates Palmer, a sometime WW writer, gave a talk on being successful in screenwriting:
"Asked about a "show bible," that details the history of characters and events for new screenwriters, he replied that the closest he'd seen to such a thing was a three-ring binder that is loosely thrown together. So what do writers refer to for character histories and to check if a subject has been tackled in a previous episode? Why the fansites, because they are so thorough.

The internet has its uses, but Oates Palmer hasn't warmed to fan fiction, the network of sites where fans rewrite their favourite shows. "I find the whole fan fiction thing really weird. Create your own stories, and please don't fantasize about Captain Picard any more," he said."

Matt Federman and Steven Scaia, who were both writers' assistants, are giving a talk next Monday at Santa Monica College.
"Matthew Federman, Stephen Scaia. As part of the Entertainment Industry Speakers Series, two writers for The West Wing and Judging Amy discuss how a writing team is born. Santa Monica College, 1660 Stewart St, Santa Monica, (310) 434-4209. Mon at 7."

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