Saturday, October 08, 2005

TV Guide Summary for "West Wing" Episode 3 - Chris Matthews

Watch the Hardball interview with Alan Alda here! This will probably work best in Internet Explorer and may require the download of a special player. This includes a short clip of Sundays episode.

From this conservative blog comes a recap of Alan Alda's appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews, in which Arnold Vinicks' fictional appearance on the same show is discussed.

From TV Guide:

"It's three weeks into the presidential campaign and the Vinick camp is playing hardball. As the episode opens, Santos is on a roll, thanks to the good timing of his mandatory military-reserve training (he looks fairly commanding in his uniform). To counter it, Vinick decides to box in the Latino Santos by focusing on immigration issues. And it works, despite a grilling by Chris Matthews (who appears as himself) on Hardball. But then Vinick finds himself cornered by a religious-right group demanding a say on judicial appointments."

The main characters listed in the credits are Bradley Whitford, Alan Alda, Jimmy Smits and newcomer Janenane Garofalo.

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