Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Short "West Wing" Shoutouts

From the Wall Street Journal:
"On a recent episode of "The West Wing," NBC-TV's weekly drama series, the campaign manager for a presidential candidate tells an aide he needs "sexier economic policy." His idea of sexier? "Targeted tax credits, preferably indexed to inflation," he replies. To which an aide retorts: "When was the last time you went on a date?""

Sacramento Bee:
"Blogs have become such a mainstream staple of modern-day campaigning that the recent season premiere of "The West Wing" featured a staff blogger on one candidate's payroll."

KPC News:
" We have gotten somewhat used to presidential politics being an on going cycle that rarely ends. On the popular television show, “The West Wing,” one of the fictitious campaign advisers said a newly-elected president gets 18 months out of the first term to get some work done and then it is time to start running for re-election. The final term is spent working on building a legacy.

Art imitates life. "

Courier Journal:
"Almost all TV shows set in specific cities are taped inside Los Angeles movie studios, with the notable exception of "Law & Order."

"I'm sure a lot of people think 'The West Wing' is filmed in Washington, D.C.," Modisett said. "I've been on that studio set and thought 'I can't believe all the episodes are shot here.' "

He did meet with the photographer who traveled to Indianapolis to shoot the skyline and some street scenes to give the show a bit of an Indiana flavor."

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