Saturday, October 29, 2005

Rob Lowe Was on "Good Morning America"

TQuinn gave a short recap at Television Without Pity:
"Rob Lowe joined the show from London. In the intro, Diane Sawyer mentioned "A Few Good Men" is getting great reviews.

Rob Lowe told his story about how Tony Blair dropped by for a visit while he was wearing little more than his boxers.

Rob Lowe and Diane talked about the releaese of The Outsiders on DVD and she teased him about how young he was at the time. They had this exchange:

DIANE SAWYER:There you were with Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise was in this movie, Diane Lane. Did you all sit around and say, someday we're going to be big.

ROB LOWE:I think all we sat around and said is maybe someday Diane Lane will give us the time of day.

Then she showed a clip of the very young Rob Lowe being interviewed by Kathie Lee Gifford on what it was like to be a teen idol.

Back to present day: Rob Lowe made a joke about his 80s hair do."

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