Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Red Mercury" with Stockard Channing

From Screendaily:
"Performances all round are generally good, in particular Juliet Stevenson and Pete Postlethwaite as the cops assigned to crack the case. But Stockard Channing is severely miscast as a Greek restaurant proprietor, and her bad Americana accent consistently distracts."

The Christian Century: "Red Mercury, a British picture directed by Roy Battersby, stands a better chance of making it to American screens, especially since it features Stockard Channing (the president's wife on The West Wing) in a delightful portrait of a Greek restaurant owner, complete with accent. The film was made and released in Britain before the recent bombings there, but its narrative is prescient. Three educated, British-born Muslim men (none from the Middle East) are part of a cell in London that's preparing a 'dirty bomb' to use in blackmailing British authorities and forcing them to leave Iraq and to make other concessions toward the world's Muslims."

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