Monday, October 17, 2005

Q & A from TV Guide

From TVGuide's Ask Matt Roush:
"Question: Are fans doomed for another disappointing end to a TV relationship? For years, writers and producers of The West Wing have alluded to romance between Josh and Donna, and just when you think it will finally happen, Donna appears to be on her way out. Reports that Janel Maloney only signed up for part of the season are discouraging indeed, when there are so few links left to the original show. To my knowledge, these reports have not been confirmed by show producers or the actress, but I was disheartened last week when I noticed that she had been removed from the opening cast credits. Do you know anything about what's going on with Janel's future on the show? Are they writing out her character and, if so, can fans at least expect a satisfying resolution to the Josh-Donna relationship? — Danie

Matt Roush: Like several others in the cast (including but probably not limited to Dulé Hill), Janel Moloney will only appear in the credits when she's actually in an episode. From what I hear, she'll be re-entering the picture sooner than later, but whether that will satisfy anyone who's obsessed (foolishly, in my mind) by the Josh-Donna relationship is too early to say. Besides, even if they do take it to the next level, who'll be left to watch? Which brings me to a related question from Andreas:

"What a horrible choice of NBC to air The West Wing on Sunday. Don't you think that Friday night would be a lot better when there is less competition? Maybe then people would have a chance to discover that there is still some life in this show, especially when its focus is on the campaign. And what do you think of Janeane Garofalo? I was very pleased that she had some banter with Josh that reminded me of The West Wing when it was in better shape."

The Sunday move is killing the show, but shifting it to little-watched Fridays probably wouldn't help much, except it might make it easier to watch or record it because the competition would be less stiff. And yes, I like the introduction of Garofalo on the Santos campaign. She's a good and appropriate fit.

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